Friday, August 16, 2013

Sailing through Design with Marblehead native

Marblehead native Krisha Plauché, like many in the boat business, is having a busy spring. Whether she is attending boat shows, meeting clients at yacht yards from Maine to Rhode Island, putting the finishing touches on marine upholstery or choosing new fabrics and ideas for her growing business, spring is crunch time in the marine business.
A lifelong sailor, Plauché is not only a certified boat captain but she is a trained marine interior designer who is the owner of Onboard Interiors, LLC of Marblehead, an award winning full service interior design firm specializing in custom marine interiors for power and sailboats both private and commercial.
Krisha Plauche of Onboard Interiors of Marblehead
Perhaps less known than home interior design, marine interior design is a key part of the yachting and boating business.
“I do get to comment on fashion forward elements as well as history in marine fabric trends,” she says, “and many marine fabric trends follow unique trends in the design industry.”
Right now, that trend is batik-style fabric.
Says Plauché, “It’s a beautiful and ancient artistic fabric. In the marine industry, trends like this that are unusual and exotic make their way sparingly into Onboard design. Instead of upholstering large pieces on a vessel with batik, I might see using this fabric in accent pillows.”

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Marblehead gathers to celebrate our maritime and yachting traditions

MARBLEHEAD — Gary Gregory first set foot on a sailboat in 1973, racing on the Charles River as a college student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
His collegiate sailing career has evolved into a tremendous love of wooden yachts, the aesthetically pleasing, graceful vessels that some purchase the same way they would a piece of art, he said.
On Saturday, Gregory will hop aboard Valiant, his 64-foot yacht, with 16 or 17 crew members to compete in the annualCorinthian Classic Yacht Regatta, a Marblehead maritime tradition that attracts sailors and spectators from all over New England.
“For me, it’s the people,” said Gregory, 61, who lives in Marblehead. “I love the people and their interest and we are united by a love of boats.”
The two-day event, hosted by the Corinthian Yacht Club, includes two 20-mile races over courses that start at the mouth of Marblehead Harbor. More than 60 boats will participate in the regatta.
There are two races scheduled, but the race committee can alter, add, or abandon a course because of the weather.
Despite the competitive edge, the race is more about the people, the excitement, and the beauty of the vessels. Cocktail receptions are held after each race. The Marblehead Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual Maritime Festival — featuring exhibits, vendors, and tours — Thursday through Sunday to coincide with the regatta.
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Cruising? Here are some great ideas of what to pack compiled by Paula Patterson. Paula has a lot of experience onboard and offshore and these tips are invaluable. Enjoy!

krisha's cousin
 Summer Cruising... What to pack

Summer Cruising...What to pack. This list titled "Cruising Staples" is complied by longtime cruiser Paula Patterson whose logged several thousands hours onboard her Able, Tartan, Sabre, Hinckley and custom built yachts. She has enjoyed countless hours off the eastern seaboard onboard with her family and pets. It's an incredible comprehensive list. Simply Print it out before you leave, check off the boxes and then sail away! Enjoy your August cruises!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Onboard Interiors ReUpholster Antique Chairs and Other News from the Water

Marina manager wants a new look for her antique chairs and Onboard Interiors delivers!

Hingham Shipyard marina manager wanted to repair and reupholster her mother's antique chairs. She chose a fun young durable print and will be bringing her new chairs home soon from the marina office to enjoy!

the dog ate my cushions!! cushions installed onboard to repair and refit this Frers 38, using durable ultra-suede and Sunbrella. Owners love the classic colors! Enjoy!

... In other news

July is the month for festivals - and Krisha Plauche of Onboard Interiors particularly enjoyed taking part in the Marblehead Festival of Arts which occurs in her hometown of Marblehead, Mass. She used many of her fabric scraps to give the children a sense of how colors, texture and designs fit together.  

Krisha Plauche of Onboard Interiors volunteered her time over the 4th of July weekend during the Marblehead Festival of the Arts recently. With the help of her lovely daughter, she made offered her expert hand to the kids and let the fabrics speak for themselves. The kids were able to take the fun fish home with all kinds of craft materials including scraps of discontinued marine grade fabrics!

At the Marblehead Festival of Arts

Friday, July 5, 2013

Variety is the spice of ... life onboard!

One of the great things about the marine interior design field is that we have so many wonderful fabrics to choose from. Onboard Interiors is recognized in this field for its expertise and excellent taste in fabric choices and design. Onboard Interiors most recently received the Award of Excellence for interior upholstery from the national organization of Marine Fabricators this past spring (below).  Onboard Interiors has many customers enjoying its quality work and wonderful choices in color, texture and design -  with a few examples below.

The 2013 Award of Excellence from the Marine Fabrication Association.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting Comfortable about a 40-foot Cruisers

Krisha Plauche of Onboard Interiors

My clients wanted to update the stock bedding onboard and here are the results of the interior re-fit of a 40-foot cruiser. New bedding included sheets, blankets, bedspreads, drapes and a privacy panel. The aft cabin included light blocking drapes and panel for privacy and comfort for the daughter’s afternoon naps! The forward bedspread fabric included a high end chenille blend. Owners are very happy onboard! And everything looks and feels amazing!

Our forward cabin is newly laid out with some great new bedding
Curtains create great privacy

This new bedding in the aft cabin fits nicely
Another shot of the forward cabin

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Onboard!

Two little elves from Onboard Interiors llc visited Devereux Beach in Marblehead, MA and created a fun fabric tree using marine materials and custom made ornaments.  We also used the "life is good onboard" pillows as presents under the fabric tree!  Hope Santa doesnt get too cold at the beach!!